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We’re proud of all of our outstanding projects from around the city, and invite you to take a look and get inspired. From drafting  to construction documents, we are able to design whatever our clients need. We make sure we get the plans approved from the Building and Safety from the city and county. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our work and to see how we can turn your dream into  reality.

January 25, 2017

Research and Measurement

As a space intended for the use of the general public, Research and Measurement is one of our favorite projects. We make sure we do research for each site for additions, pools, retaining walls,  custom homes, and interior remodels to see if the building and safety will give us feedback and approval for each project. Once we finished our research, we start measuring the building with full dimensions and setbacks.Contact us to learn more about this incredible project.


February 17, 2017

Construction Documents

We designed our full package with residential and commercial design, structural, and grading plans. Each plan contains elevations, floor, site plan, framing, foundation, and detailed plans. We work with licensed engineers, drafters, and soil engineers to complete the full plans that ready to be submitted. Benjuro Studios was inspired by the region’s architecture and natural environment and our team decides to base the design of the project on those elements.


January 25, 2017

Permit Expedition

Permit expedition  is definitely designed to get blueprints to be approved at any city or country on timely bases. We print, drive,  and submit the plans to different cities. Also, we complete all the clearance with different departments including the green building, planning, public works, zoning, fire, water, electrical, sanitation and building and safety. We are very familiar with any needed corrections with the department. This way, we can make sure to provide timely clearance in order to obtain any  building permits.

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